VW Fleet Assist Strategy Meeting: New Things Coming in 2016

VW Fleet Assist Strategy Meeting: New Things Coming in 2016

December 16, 2015
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Allan Renno and Andres Castro VW Company Fleet Manager

Allan Renno and Andres Castro VW Company Fleet Manager

At Body Perfect Group, we provide assistance to all vehicle owners. However, do a lot of business with fleet managers across NSW. We recently set up Fleet Accident Assist which focuses on fleet related issues.

We just renewed our VW accredited repairer status, congratulations to us. After ensuring this privilege, our CEO and front-man Allan Renno made a trip out to VW centre to strategise a game plan for next year. After speaking with Andres Castro, the VW Company Fleet Manager, we are confident of our plans for the future in the fleet management business.

Managing a fleet comes with its own set of unique responsibilities, different from owning a few cars personally. We have been working in the automotive industry for over a decade and we understand the needs of fleets and managers.

We understand that your vehicles are a major component of your business and that minimal downtown is essential. In actuality, your fleet can sometimes be your business. If your employees are driving one of your fleet vehicles in order to do their job, then it is the responsibility of the employer and the fleet manager to ensure that that work environment is safe and secure for the employee.

We have extensive experience dealing managing vehicle fleets of businesses of all sizes: large and small. Whether you have a fleet of twenty sedans or a couple vans, no business is too large or too small to receive assistance. Our factory trained technicians are highly skilled to suit the individual needs of each client. They ensure that damaged vehicles are repaired efficiently and are back on the road as soon as possible.

We tailor our services to suit the exact requirements of each fleet, as an entry level accident management product is no longer enough to ensure drivers of company vehicles are safe. Fleet Accident Assist can help to not only reduce fleet costs, but provide drivers and employees with a safer working environment. For more information please call us on 1800 015 055.

In the future we plan to help ease any issues which any of our fleet managerial customers bring to us.

Changes are coming in the future friends, stay tuned!

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