At Body Perfect Group we have first hand experience in the highest manufacturer standards necessary when producing quality repairs. The use of the latest equipment and manufacturer processes places our repair quality ahead of the competition, and ensures a quick turnaround time; so you have your vehicle back as soon as possible. We provide a multitude of services at Body Perfect Group - not solely excellent smash repair assistance.

Smash Repairs

We provide 24/7 service and advice with free quotes and consultation at a location convenient to you...

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Fleet Accident Assist

We understand that your vehicles are a major component of your business and that minimal downtown is essential...

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Detailing & Aftercare

With our Niche Auto Systems Services we can implement the following to aid with detailing, aftercare and vehicle prepare for resale...

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Our tow trucks can respond to any towing situation: breakdowns, accidents, recovery ops, tow-away requests, emergencies and more...

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