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Company Profile

Body Perfect Group are acknowledged nationally by the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Standards Association of Australia. Body Perfect Group is 100% Australian owned and use only genuinely manufactured parts.


Body Perfect Group was established by Warren Renno in 1993 as a small one man operation. Today, they are one of the leading smash repairers in the industry!

Over the last 17 years BPG have carried out over 10,000 individual repairs, providing quality service and craftsmanship.

Mission Statement

“Absolute customer satisfaction is fundamental to our company’s success"

A message from our Directors...

"Here at the Body Perfect Group, we are “empowered by quality”

In order to maintain our high standards we constantly keep up with all the latest technology and maintain complete honesty with our clients.

Quality integrates the necessary professionalism and expertise to challenge what’s given and make it exceed our client’s expectations.

We have a passion for the overall presentation and performance of motor vehicles. The technicians who rely on the old catch phrase of “cost and service” are simply left behind.

Our depth of experience and our passion for creating client confidence is what drives us to push harder with every vehicle we repair. Whether this is in the form of a single vehicle owner or a corporate client, we always deliver.


Preferred Repairers:

Body Perfect Group - Accredited Repairer


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